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Admission Essay

Admission essay is a piece of writing that each school requests from its applicants. This essay shall answer the main question of the admission committee: "Why should we let you into our school?" If the client uploads no essay directions, please, follow basic "admission essay" directions:

Clearly state short and long term goals; tell how university "X" can help your client meet them.

Describe client's areas of research and professional interest. You might indicate how client's proposed studies are located within a broad field. For example, someone applying to a composition and rhetoric program might say, "I hope to examine the relationship between rhetorical invention strategies and demonstrated ability to write for members of diverse discourse communities." Or, someone applying to an engineering program might say, "My particular interests are in optical communications, networks, and signal processing. As an undergraduate research assistant, I studied the principles of wavelet transforms, one of the most recent signal processing techniques, and I developed software models using Matlab to simulate the transform process.

Currently I am investigating new applications of wavelet transforms. University X's program in electrical engineering provides the direction and environment in which I can pursue my work in optimal communications networks and signal processing." Give specific reasons why the client is interested in a particular field, as well as why he/she has chosen this particular school to apply to. Refer to past experiences, both academic and "real world," that are relevant to graduate study.

Articulate what is particularly valuable about the perspective that the client will bring to the prospective field of study and the specific department. Express ideas clearly and effectively. Show motivation and capacity to succeed in graduate education.

Write concisely and try to keep your readers interested. Remember that they are reading many application essays and therefore you need to be considerate of their needs. Offer other information that demonstrates client's need and desire to be accepted by the program. It is strongly advised to proofread and revise the statement at least 3 times.