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Research Proposal


A piece of writing aimed at showing the interest in a specific problem, reasons why it should be studied, and methods, which a researcher is to adopt to approach the issue under consideration. In other words, it is a draft/plan of an extended research paper. These papers should be written in a future tense.


Title (free)

Abstract (free):

Chapter I. Introduction: 

  •   A problem under discussion.
  •  Purpose of the study.
  • Significance/Gap in knowledge that is to be filled in.
  •   Research questions.
  • Hypothesis.
  • Objectives. 
  • Thesis presenting the structure of the paper.

Chapter II. Literature Review: It implies making an overview of sources that concern the topic under discussion. The sources should be discussed in sections distinguished according to the common themes, not just one by one.

Chapter III. Methodology:

  • Research design.
  • Variables.
  • Sample/Population.
  •  Instruments/Materials.
  • Procedure.
  • Method of analyzing the results.
  • Limitations.

Chapter IV. Results (Rarely required): It implies explaining what findings are expected to be obtained, how they will be arranged and analyzed unless it is mentioned in the methodology part.

Chapter V. Discussion/Conclusion (Rarely required).

  • Summary of main points.
  •  Importance of the study.
  • Potential implications of the study.
  • References (free)
  • Appendices (free)