Reaction Paper

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Reference (Works Cited) page (free)

This is an analytical assignment as opposed to a descriptive task. However, a small amount of description will be necessary as you answer the questions.

Begin with a brief summary of the article (no more than one paragraph). The first sentence should include the title of the article (i.e. In this article, _________, the author.) The summary should include the author's thesis and the main points that support his thesis and argument.

Concisely re-state the main thesis made by the author in the article. Briefly explain why you think it is the main idea.

What information does the author provide to support his/her argument? Is the information convincingly supportive? Explain.

Identify and explain any concepts or theories from the textbook that is pertinent to this article. Clearly state the pertinence in each case. Be sure to identify the concept and the textbook pages where they are discussed.

How has this article impacted your thinking? Did you like or dislike it? Did it have "shock value"? How does it relate to your life?

How will you integrate the exposure of this literature into your professional path? Have fun with this. If you would like to include an artistic expression, song, poem, suggest a movie, or any other appropriate element that helps you express your feelings about the subject --- please share. This addition can allow your reaction to reach a deeper level of identity. The goal is to become impassioned about life and all that it offers.

Please remember to have a reference section in your paper that identifies this article in correct style.